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The World is holding its breath

Bergen Saturday, March 14th 2020.

Saturday, early evening. The highlight of the week.

Normally life would be buzzing here now. The shops still open. Restaurants that cater to hungry guests. People on their way to meet each other, on the bus on their way to a party, on a bike to go and watch a match at a friends place. Families on their way to each other to meet for dinner, or to celebrate grandmas birthday. Bars already quenching the thirst of the most eager and thirsty guests.

Today the streets are empty

Nearly emty. Two girls with toiletpaper under each arm lock the door of their flat when I pass.

A street musician in a wheelchair holds a concert for a flock of pigeons.

A disturbed man shadow boxes with a tree, while three masked tourists scurry past, on their way to the hotel. But the holidays are over.

A masked delivery biker hurries past with his backpack full of noodles on his way to someone who's in quarantine.

Now the sound of the wind pulling the flags and trees is dominating.

Only interrupted by one of the buses. That you now can set your clock after.

They are the ones dominating the traffic now. The almost empty buses.

Behind the wheel are heroes who keep the wheels running. As best they can.

This is a Saturday afternoon in Bergen.

The World is holding its breath.

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