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Fjord Productions, founded in Western Norway by Halfdan Hallseth,  is a journey with the same ingredients as many epic adventures. An open-minded vision, talent, and the guts to take the first step. The initial idea was to provide businesses with high quality and unique commercial films and photography, which we still offer. But soon, we found ourselves heading towards the film industry.


Halfdan began as a location scout for Netflix, among others, and then appeared as an extra in several productions. Not long after, casting directors noticed his talent and cast him in film and television. Short film production organically followed. His directing skills shone when his short-film Ransom scored eight wins and two nominations at film festivals. 


Across the Atlantic, Halfdan appeared on the radar of Talent Manager Tamela Ehlinger. She quickly became interested in the potential of Halfdan both behind and in front of the camera. Their bond is a mutual love of Scandinavia and a love of talent. As a result, Tamela is Halfdan's manager. This working relationship leads them to become one and work as partners at Fjord Productions.


Not long after, amid the pandemic, Halfdan and Tamela began a new and exciting partnership with Inez de Vos of Jack and Jill Talent Agency in Amsterdam. Now, Fjord Productions has roots in Norway and United States. In addition, Inez brings opportunities for Halfdan in the UK, EU, UAE and Northern Africa.


In 2022 we took a new and exciting step when Fjord Productions opened an office in Los Angeles. Our mission is to work with exciting projects worldwide with the most inspiring talent out there; there are no limits. We aim for the stars.  


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